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Passport Enhanced Tools

Whilst guests can use these tools, logging in with ODP::Passport will enable additional features, and show the interface in your Passport-selected language.

Category/Tree Spell CheckerLets you spell check categories in 9 languages, and checks for missing age tags in K&T categories. ODP::Passport enables the checking of trees (up to 500 sites) and arbitrary pages as well as categories, and the ability to submit words for inclusion in the dictionary.
The WorldlinkeratorMakes the process of creating alternative language links between the various languages faster, easier, and potentially more comprehensive. ODP::Passport enables a faster, more reliable spidering option.
Category Description SearcherAllows free-text searching of category descriptions, and listing of category descriptions for a branch. ODP::Passport enables an inbuilt spell checker.
PoryddAn ODP category browser, which creates thumbnail images of listed sites on the fly, with optional HTTP status reporting.

Standard Tools

These tools presently work no differently whether or not you use ODP::Passport.

RSS CheckerHelps you find new RSS feeds for a category by scanning the listed sites for RSS link references. Includes HTTP status checking of sites and RSS feeds as a bonus. Tools (non-Passport)

These old tools do not use the interface, are not Passport enhanced, and do not allow you to view them in your own language.

Search 2/PerlPresents ODP search results with clickable links to the edit screen for each result and category. (Largely deprecated.)
Search 4/PerlSearch for a string in the entire ODP or a selected category, and automate replacement of up to three case-sensitive strings.
Frame-based SearchEditable search based on frames. Has links to the search results in the top frame, which open the edit pages in the lower frame.
Apply for a Random CategoryOpens the application form for a randomly chosen category.
Create a Tree - Bookmarklet GeneratorLets you make a bookmarklet that you use on any category, to create a template set of subcategories, with just one click.
Produce an Editall-friendly RequestAllows you to produce an editall friendly sort priority, move/rename, delete, @link, related category, or turn off add URL/become an editor links request. It accepts input in a variety of formats.
Traditional SortSet sort priority using the traditional interface. An improvement of the original, now deceased, ODP sort interface. Allows spaces, @ signs, and a range of other characters that would blow up the original ODP version.
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